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Welcome to MadKenFashion, were we bring old band t-shirts to life 

The home of concert ready street wear

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Hey y'all, I'm Kennedy Sheppard Duncan, I'm from Canada.  I have a disability called global development delay but with that I still have gotten two degrees at the age of 25, them beginning fashion design technician and hotel & restaurant at St. Clair college.


In 2019 I participated in the Walt Disney World international college program and that taught me how to work at a fast pace and work with different people who all have different backgrounds. I got to also see how their costume element works and what goes into it.


I have always had a love for fashion, the arts, dance, theater and music. I always loved the different costumes the performers wore. Growing up  I had done different types of dance throughout to help interact and remember things with physical muscle memory.


Music has been a big part of my life, helping me with memories like remembering lyrics or helping me with spelling and having an artist to bond with new people that have turned into great friends. At the age of 8, I went to my very first concert. Since then I've been going to concerts throughout my life and observed what artists wore on stage, to the variety of merchandise they offered. With that, probably 70% of my closet is just band T-shirts. So I wanted to make/give band t-shirts a whole new life by upcycling old band t-shirts into new outfits or into other things for everyday people or for artists to wear.


See you in the stands!


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